Saturday, October 10, 2009

Things have been so crazy here! Charlotte and I are getting out a lot and having fun at parks. And our weekends we have been having fun going to Disney or the beach or just relaxing at home!!

I have decided to switch Charlotte over to cloth diapers, so we are slowly building our stash of diapers, but thankfully the kind that I like are one-size fits all so we will be able to use them with baby #2... whenever that happens.They have some really nice products out there too.

Oh I should mention that I won two free meals from The Dirty Shirt blog to Sweet Tomatoes. She has some great giveaways and great product reviews!! Check it out and maybe you will win something :). I can't complain about a free meal at a place that I absolutely adore!

Tomorrow we are going to go to Disney! I made some egg salad sandwiches, veggie pizza, and hummus for tomorrow. Plus we'll bring some fruits and veggies and almonds to snack on. We should be good for lunch and dinner and won't have to worry about the cost of eating out :).

Oh and we are going to go home for Thanksgiving, its going to be a long time, but I'm really excited about it! We haven't seen my parents in a long time and last time (at the reception) it wasn't very long. I'm so happy that they will get to see Charlotte and see how much she has changed... and I know that she'll change even more by then.

Well its late and time to head to bed!! I hope everyone is doing well :)


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