Monday, September 28, 2009

Its been too long

It has been too long again!! Time is just starting to go by so quickly. In a way its a good thing, but I wish sometimes it would slow down (on the good days anyways).

Charlotte keeps changing like crazy. Right now she is laying down for her nap but isn't wanting too. Poor kid is exhausted. We spent a bunch of the day at Disney World yesterday and she didn't get a nap (well wouldn't take one) then went to bed late, and I woke her up this morning to go to the aquarium. So I'm hoping once she does drift off to sleep, it'll be a long nap so that she can be a happy kid! She is walking all over the place and REALLY enjoying the freedom :). Its so fun to see her be independent and walk around the aquarium some by herself... to be able to watch her decide to go look at the fish and which ones. Its nice not to have to have her see it only in the stroller (though we still have it of course!). She is also randomly repeating words after me... and even a few at a time. But I just don't think she's ready to talk a lot, which is fine. She also caught onto the sign language for "All Done" so now she tells us when she is finished with food (which is great!) taking her shower, playing with something, etc. It is such a good thing for her to be able to communicate.

Yesterday morning I went to a free Zumba/Fit Yoga/Bellydancing class and it was a lot of fun!! It was about 2 hours of working out and I'm not even sore today :). We are seriously thinking about joining the Y here, and I know that we would get a discounted rate. So I need to go by and see how much it would cost to join. I am excited about it. It would be great to be able to go work out together, do swim lessons, have childcare for classes that I want to work out at, etc. I'm just afraid that I will get all excited about it, then the excitement will fade and we won't use it.

I know that there has been more going on, but I sit down to write it and I never remember :(.It is so frustrating because I want to be able to journal our life and what we have been doing so that in a few years I can look back and be able to recall the memories. But if I can't remember them... then there's a problem!! Haha!

I don't know if I wrote this before, but Phil is seriously considering going to school again. He wants to get his PhD so he can be a professor. I am supporting him but at the same time it really freaks me out. We want to have another kid before he goes so that they are close in age, but I can't imagine being able to pay for everything while he is in school with two kids!!

I am having my second Pampered Chef cooking show on Saturday at 3pm!! I am excited about it :). My friend Brooke is having it and she said that there have been 15 yes RSVP's! That is crazy and great :). I really hope that I will be able to book some shows from the event, and get this up and running better. **Fingers Crossed**

Ok well I feel really boring right now. Maybe I will write more later when I'm not feeling so boring, and it'll be interesting to read then.

I'm off to make some stuffed green peppers. I hope that they turn out well :).



  1. Good luck with your Pampered Chef party! Sounds like fun!

  2. It's way too easy for time to slip by and a few days...weeks and maybe even months go by without posting. Don't worry about it - it means you are busy. Enjoy it!

    Tell me more about this class. Was it all in one class that was 2 hours long, or was it a couple classes back to back? I'm always interested in hearing more about workouts.

    Good luck with the PC party. I love the stuff!