Sunday, May 31, 2009

We have a bedroom :)

We bought it, well not exactly. Phil didn't like that the bed was so so low, so we ended up with a metal, silver looking bed, then we got the same furniture in black, but obviously, the second nightstand because the first would have nothing to hook onto. Though the bed frame with that nightstand looked really awesome :). The original bed would have been complicated with the box springs too, it was made for a slatted thing under the mattress, and we didn't want to spend an extra $120 or so on them.

So, here's the bed, but its a little darker than it looks in the picture. Our mattress is higher too because we have a box spring (instead of those slat things).

Phil is currently putting together one of the chests, him and Charlotte are hammering away (aka she's banging her hand on it to imitate daddy). We decided to get the glass to put on top of them and the nightstands!!

We even found a couch, but its not on their website (odd!) Super comfy and everything, for only $329. I'm just not so sure on the color. Its brown, and in some lights looks kinda plum-ish. But I bought some light blue pillows while we were there for it to brighten the room up. We just need a way to get it home!!

Here's the breakdown of what we got:

* One bedframe (above)
* 2 Chests of drawers, brown-black color
* 2 nightstands
* 2 pieces of glass for on top of the nightstands
* 2 pieces of glass for on top of the chests
* 2 dog beds (with new living room furniture they're going to need a new place to sleep!!)
* 4 blue pillows (small)
* A strainer (because I melted the last one to the stove a few weeks ago... Phil insisted we get a metal one this time, ha!)
* 2 plastic bibs for Charlotte
* 1 Oven mitt, we lost the one we had in the mail...
* I feel like I forgot something, oh well!

All for $750!! Go us!

Saturday, May 30, 2009


I noticed that I forgot to mention that we already have a mirror, so we don't have to worry about that. It is something we got at IKEA, our last trip. We have two sets of these guys, one on top of another to make a wide full length mirror, so imagine this, but twice the length. They are by themselves on the wall, and it looks pretty good :).

Cute story: Charlotte loves the mirrors. She pulls herself up, so she can look at that other baby in the mirror, then continues to give it lots of sloppy kisses, cute, but not so good if I don't clean it daily!

New Furniture!!

Its been forever since I posted!! We've been super busy here, but we had a GREAT time at the reception, and a very safe trip!! Even though 3 out of 4 of our flights were delayed, it wasn't a good weekend for the airlines!!!

Phil and I *think* we have decided on what we're going to buy with some of our wedding money, bedroom furniture!! Here's what I found, we're hopefully going to look at it after Charlotte wakes up from her nap, and if we like it, buy it!!!

Let me know what you think!

Bed Frame:

Chests (we are buying two, one for each of us):Attached bedside table: (we are debating this or the next, we'll have to see it in the store). This one attaches to the bed frame and the top is for holding books, and the bottom is a drawer. I think it looks kinda funny, but we would have to see what it looks like in the store.
And here is the other nightstand option, more traditional, but we don't really need two drawers. Plus, its not as cool, it doesn't attach to the bed!!

Also, the set comes in white, birch, oak, medium brown (what is pictured), brown-black, and black. We like the medium brown, plus we thinks it will match our tv stand thing in the bedroom. However, the white and black furniture is cheaper.

The best part... our grand total: $596.98+tax!!!! Yay Ikea!! (the total is the same with either nightstand, and we would get 2 of each).

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I really hate when the networks pull the shows that I watch! They always keep the ones I won't ever watch and then bring on new ones, some that are hopeful (inevitably canceled) and the rest something I'd never sit down to watch. Today we got the news (which was already assumed) that they were pulling Cupid. The one of two shows that I reliably watch (granted its usually online and during naptime), but it was one of those feel-good happy shows. The networks hardly even give shows a chance anymore. I mean really, 6 episodes? We're just getting to know the main characters, and there is so much opportunity for plotline.

My other, is Brothers & Sisters, which they aren't pulling, yay! And for anyone looking for a good show, I highly recommend it! I don't know how much good you would od if you started the beginning of next season, but if you have the chance, try and catch up, it'll get you hooked!

Here's a summary:


“Brothers & Sisters” continues to follow the California-based Walker family through the complicated maze of American life today. The compelling one-hour drama series is about a collection of five enmeshed and somewhat damaged adult siblings, their spouses and their strong and passionately devoted mother, Nora Holden (Oscar and Emmy Award winner Sally Field).

The Walkers’ lives have not been without challenge; romance, parenting, divorce, infidelity, addiction, war, birth and even death have pushed each of them to the limit, but they continue to work toward living their lives as individuals, while loving each other unconditionally and trying to maintain some semblance of normalcy after the loss of their larger-than-life family patriarch, William Walker.--TV by the numbers

There's more on ABC's website for anyone interested. :)

Friday, May 15, 2009


Last night I made my own tortillas for the first time, and they were wonderful! I don't think I'm ever going to buy tortillas from the store, ever again! It was super simple too, I just bought the Walmart brand mix (found in the Mexican section), and mixed with water. kneaded the dough, let it sit 15 minutes, rolled it out and made them on my griddle. They were delicious and I highly recommend it to anyone who has the time and likes to cook, you'll be converted in no time! I'm not a fan of the long ingredient list, but you can always make your own from scratch with flour and a couple extra ingredients (shortening, salt, baking powder, water). If anyone tries it out, let me know how it goes!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I lost my recycling bin again (on the desktop)... I swear, it just disappears, and of course I never notice until I need to get rid of something. I mean really, where does it go?? Its supposed to be there so I can delete stuff, right? Yet I always find it deleted. I guess I'm off to go find it!! Wish me luck!

The Dreaded DMV

Yesterday was errand day, and well after moving to a new place there is A LOT to do! My list consisted of:
* Giving boxes to someone
* Changing name on S.S. card (yeah I'm a little late on that one).
* Getting Florida insurance (a must to register a car here)
* Getting Drivers License
* Registering and transferring title

I went everywhere, but left the DMV empty handed. Phil went to register his car in FL and get a license too, and at least he got his license, though it took them a couple tries. Apparently, his "sex" is: "F" according to them, even though his birth certificate and previous DL said "M." Apparently my hubby got a sex change that even he was unaware of. Thankfully he noticed it before we left, but it took them at least an HOUR to correct the mistake. Another reminder why I hate the DMV so much.

Oh and I had to wait over an hour at Social Security for a quick 5 minute transaction, while I sat there and listened to all these people trying to talk their way into or out of something, saying the same thing 10 times, isn't going to get you any farther than saying it once!!

So, we're going back Monday or Tuesday, hopefully for the last time in a long time!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm Awe-Summ!

Thanks to Kym, I have my very first award, its an "awe-summm" award! YAY!

The rules: List seven things that make me awe-summm and then pass the award on to seven other people who I think are fabulously awe-summm.

1- I'm living in Florida, a life-long goal that I (we) accomplished at 23.
2- I have the most beautiful baby ever created, go me!!
3- I love baking, especially if it has chocolate involved, my hubby finds this pretty awe-summm!
4- I have just packed everything up, moved forever away, and unpacked it all (except 2 boxes) in 2 weeks.
5- I've ridden on a water buffalo. It was a long time ago at this place called The Heifer International Ranch, and since its helped put the rest of the world in perspective for me.
6- I'm a great cook, and love to experiment in the kitchen!
7- I'm in the process of paying off all our debt so we can be debt free!!

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* Samantha
* Nicole
* Jo
* Chele76
* Crystal Jigsaw
* Katie

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tonight, my husband looks like one of those old greek statues, you know the kind, of just a man laying there, or standing there, or kneeling there. It was kind of weird, and must have been attributed to his position and the lighting, but I looked at him, and he looked like an ordinary man. Of course, being my husband, I never see him this way, I always look at him and think "Phil," but for that split second, he was just an ordinary man, laying in bed, sleeping, and waiting for his *beautiful* wife.

I guess its just one of those things that makes someone think. To everyone else, we're just another person, in another apartment, living our own lives. Its hard to imagine how many millions and millions of families there are in this world who do the same thing we do (well not exactly) and no one really cares.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Its been a busy weekend and I have no idea where to start! I keep randomly thinking of things to blog about, but once I finally sit down to write, my mind turns blank. So I guess we'll start with tonight, half a bottle of wine and a large piece of chocolate cake later (yep it was tasty!). Phil and I just hung out, had some nice "couple" time after the babe went to bed, hence the wine and cake! Earlier today Phil and Charlotte took me to the new IKEA that opened this weekend. I had a blast! I feel so blessed to be able to spend some time there and get some stuff! During our visit, the fire alarms sounded three times, I hope they caught that kid or whoever thought it'd be a great idea to set them off. There were so many freaked out little kids, I felt bad for their parents, thankfully Charlotte didn't care. She was too interested in her macaroni and cheese she was having for lunch. After lunch, we walked around, and let me tell you, the place is huge! We ended up with 2 4-packs of mirrors (to make a full length mirror, 2 lamps for our nightstands... that we'll get someday, a rug for the kitchen, 2 bibs, 6 plastic baby bowls, and a bread knife (I keep making all this bread, but have no knife to cut it!). Long story short, it was a great trip.

Yesterday we walked around the mall that is really close to here. I found some great finds at Ann Taylor Loft, one sweater vest that I've had my eye on for quite some time. It started at $50 and I got it for $15! And a short sleeved shirt that will work well this summer. Phil got measured and reserved his tux for our reception in 2 weeks. Hopefully we'll be getting plane tickets in the next couple days for the trip, its gettin close and starting to stress me out! Then all we gotta do is the DJ's list and show up! I think it'll be a great time! We also had bruch at our apartment complex Saturday morning... they do a free brunch thing, and it was ok, no hot food or anything, so I was kind of hoping they would, I can't turn down free food though!

Friday night was the best of the weekend, even though we got a late start, we took a trip to the beach. We ended up in Treasure Island and went to dinner at a place called "fishermans ..." something and walked around on the pier (where dinner was). We then went for a night walk on the beach with Charlotte in her carrier. All of us enjoyed it. It was unfortunate that we didn't have a chance to go the rest of the weekend. I hope we will next weekend!

Ok ok, that was a LONG post about the weekend, for those of you who made it through, congrats, I hope it wasn't too boring! I hope there's something more interesting tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Tampa's IKEA opened today, and people are going crazy, its all over the news. Would someone care to inform me on the importance of an IKEA? I looked at the website, but half of it didn't work. From what I gather, its cute, cheap stuff. Good quality?

Even though I don't know much about it... I think we'll be spending a bit of our wedding money there :). I can't wait to go explore it once the hype of the grand opening calms down!

I made dinner tonight for the first time in my new kitchen (ymmmm fajitas)! It was so so so nice! I've never made dinner anywhere, and had counter space I haven't used by the end of it. I even made cookies afterward and it was AMAZING!

Maybe once we know some people, we can throw a party and I can make a bunch of stuff!! I love big kitchens :).

Oh and our new apartment has Cable as part of the deal, so I've been watching The Food Network and I have a lot of cool new things to make :).

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I forgot the best news... Phil got a raise :). I feel a thousand times better that we're paying more for our apartment than we did in Nashville now! And now even more money for our debt snowball :).
I'm unpacking unpacking unpacking. Taking a break from the kitchen at the moment. I figured I better get that done so we can have some homemade food.

I'm starting to get sick of it all though. I got it all packed up in a week, got here, and unpacked for a while, and now I just want to take a weeklong vacation on a private caribbean island or something and start working on it again, or just come back and have it all perfect, and the way that I want it. I can dream, right?

Oh and its so hard to unpack with a baby! When she's napping, I have to be quiet (kinda hard to do while unpacking), but when she's awake, she wants my attention, or gets bored if I'm not watching her and giving her something to do. And she's not old enough to just sit in front of the TV, not that I want to do that, but if it means I can unpack... it'd be worth it for a week.

And I love love love the new apartment. Its so much more open, its a nice neighborhood, its got a huge kitchen, and I'm making everything just how I like it. Even the bathrooms are big, there's extra room. I can see more tile than bathmat, its been a while since that's been the case!!

Oh and tonight is smoothie night at the mailboxes, so once Phil gets home we're talking a walk to check our mail :). And Saturday is Mothers Day Brunch and tea at our apartment, except they want all the moms in dresses and tea hats. I'd much rather prefer sweat pants!! Why would moms want to get dressed up in dresses on a saturday morning? If its to honor us, shouldn't we be allowed to wear whatever we want? But if it comes down to it, I"ll put on a dress for a free brunch :). Anything for free food, right?

Monday, May 4, 2009


Recently I've been doing a really bad job posting replies to comments and reading others blogs, I promise this will improve! I just gotta get unpacked, then I will spend LOTS of time catching up :).

Sunday, May 3, 2009

We're here!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we made it to Florida! We have unpacked about 1/2 of the U-haul and Phil just got back with some people to help.

I'll update more later.