Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm baack... hopefully :)

It has been FOREVER since I posted. And well since my resolution was once a week, I DID do that, just on my other blog last week. We've been super busy here... or uhhh addicted to Farm Town, so I've been a bad blogger and really bad at reading peoples blogs. I'm kinda just going one at a time, catching up on everything... so I am sorry!

We paid off our credit card last week!!! It is such a relief to have that taken care of, no more credit card debt :). Yay tax returns and months with 3 paychecks!!

I applied for a job today. I'm really hopeful about it, but I always get really hopeful and then nothing happens. This job is with a photography company that does pictures for kids sports teams and such. They need people for evenings and weekends to take the pictures, and that is exactly what I'm looking for. I'm not 100% sure I want a job, but if I could get a fun one (like this) it would be much easier to do. I'm hoping to work evenings/weekends for a couple years to pay off our debt and get a down payment for the house, but still stay at home with the baby. I hope I hear back!!

Lets see, what else...

We celebrated Charlotte's first birthday on July 6th. I can't believe my baby is already a year old, it does not seem that fast. Everyone says it will go by quickly, and I know it does, I'm just amazed at how time flies. I guess that happens when you don't have school or weekly deadlines or anything. But I don't regret anything and never wished time would go by quickly, I'm happy with the first year.

For the past few days Charlotte has been having a REALLY hard time sleeping, which is REALLY hard on me. I don't like listening to her cry for a few minutes before she falls asleep. Or having a few days when she takes no naps... or one nap for less than an hour. It gets really old. And all of a sudden, she quit sleeping in. What used to be waking up at 10-ish is now waking up at 7:30, even though she's going to bed at the same time. Its really driving me crazy.

Oh and I lost 3.5 pounds this past month, yay!! Now if only I could loose it quicker... guess something is better than nothing, right?


  1. glad you're back!!!! good luck with your job hunt and CONGRATS on losing the weight!!!! yayyy! that's an accomplishment! :) yes something is def better than nothing.

  2. speaking from someone who struggles with weight loss...the slower it comes off the more likely it will stay off. it took me about 15 months to lose all the weight from catherine and it stayed off all the whole time until i got pregnant with christian. now i am hoping once i lose this weight with him it will stay off for good.