Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sweet Sauer Photo Contest-2

These are the results of my first ever photo contest. By the time date on this post, I'm sure you can tell I wasn't done early!! I'm not 100% happy with all the pictures, but I gave it my best shot :). I can't wait for the next one, which I will most definitely be participating in. I hope you all enjoy the photos!!

1. A View from Above (looking down)-The paddle wheel on a steam boat.
2. A Macro Shot

3. Laughter-We're on the Magic Carpet Aladdin ride in Disney World.
4. Relaxation
5. A Celebration-What's a better celebration than fireworks at Disney World?

6. A Sunset
7. Sun/Lens Flare-Unfortunately I don't have an SLR, so I'm kinda limited with what I can get.

8. A Bridge

9. A Shadow
10. A Garden
11. A Park
12. A Street Scene-St. Armands Circle Clearwater, FL
13. Signage-They're not lying, we saw two tonight!14. A Summer Activity
15. A Summer Treat-Freshly out of the oven.
16. Earth
17. Air/ Wind
18. Fire
19. Water
20. Something Vintage (pre-1980)
21. Something Made of Glass
22. Something Made of Wood - Some stairs we saw on the Steam boat tour in Disney World. Nothing special, but I was stuck tonight.

23. Something that Floats
24. Something Railroad Related
25. Something Round-The fly was desperately waiting to go flying :)


  1. Ha! We have the same 'floating item'. I guess that is what happens when you have kids.

  2. i love the magic carpet ride one, so much joy captured! :)

  3. Your celebration pic is awesome!

  4. The relaxation shot is so sweet - just the thought actually made me relax a little. I really dig your steamboat wheel shot. And the fireworks at Disney - WOW!

  5. i like no 21. great composition, structure. could b an ad in a magazine or something. well done on all all the pics

  6. I like your fire shot... simple, different. nice work!

  7. Well, you don't get much more celebratory than that!! You actually had a lot of good captures. I thought your something vintage was very cool (that's a great chair), and I had to stop to figure out if the elephant was real or not in your park picture. Ha! You could frame street scene, bridge and sunset. Nice work!!

  8. I love the celebration shot, and the bridge is a great composition. I also love the park shot and water. Very cool collection!

  9. Congrats on your first photo hunt! Your celebration photo is fantastic! WOW!

  10. I really liked # 5, 6, 7 and 19.

  11. You did a great job with your photos! I really love the fire shot - awesome!

  12. I love the picture of the castle at DisneyWorld. It makes me want to go back and visit there right now.

  13. Nice job with the photo hunt! You had some very nice shots!

  14. Beautiful photos. My favorites are the sunset and bridge. :)

  15. Great job! Love your collection of photos!

    BTW - my font on my comments is... well, not sure of the name. I changed my font for free at "cutestblogontheblock.com" - I think there were only 3 to choose from. :)