Friday, April 17, 2009

Recession Shopping: 10 Things to Buy Right Now

CNN and TIME magazine put out an article explaining the 10 things to buy right now. The article can be found here.

1. Fancy Threads (Formals, Cashmere, etc.)
2. Computer Memory
3. Digital Cameras
4. Stuff for your house (b/c going out of business sales, and craigslist)
5. Lobster
6. New Cars
7. Travel
8. Country Club Membership
9. Housing
10. Stocks

Of course, I have to agree with some of these... Stocks, Housing, Travel, New Cars... but some, I don't think have anything to do with the recession. In fact, I think they would have dropped MORE had we not been in this recession. For example, Computer Memory and Digital Cameras. Technology advances and such a quick rate, something down 50% from 2 years ago, is normal, even if its not a recession.

As technology gets older, it gets cheaper. It gets easier to make and there is less demand, as people either already have the item or people want the new item.

Personally, I think that the prices would have dropped even further on any particular computer memory chip. Had we not been in a recession, the demand for computer memory would be much higher than it is now because people would be looking to spend money. So, there would be more money to research and make higher "level" memory chips, therefore, making the older ones cheaper, because there would have been bigger and better things than there is right now... due to the fact that the demand is lower and there is less money to spend on research, etc.

Just my 10 cents for the day.

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