Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We're almost there!

Thanks for everyone's suggestions on boxes! I'm going to drive around in a few and check out those places, hopefully find a few more decent sized boxes. :)

We got a lot more packed up yesterday and last night. I packed up all of Charlotte's room before Phil got home (at least I did something productive), and then we worked for a while after she went to bed. Our apartment is starting to look like we're actually moving! Boxes stacked in every room and nothing on/around the furniture. Yay! The only real things we have left are the kitchen, coat closet, and toys, and of course a few suitcases of our stuff. I've even packed the bathrooms :). Phil should get off by around noon today too, granted he has to drive back and such, it'll be nice to have some help, before 10PM!

We pick the U-haul up tomorrow at 8:30 AM, I'm glad we get it in the morning, I was afraid they wouldn't give it to us until that night, which would throw our entire plan off. So we get to load up tomorrow and head out Friday. Its hard to believe we're only staying two more nights here... we haven't even been here a year! (Not that I'm complaining).

Lets just hope our trip doesn't take a little detour...

I can't wait to be on that u-haul on our way down to Florida because by then, we will be past the halfway point!!


  1. Feel free to call me if you get bored on the drive! I'm so excited for you guys!

  2. I imagine you've done the journey by now, good luck to you all. Packed boxes need unpacking!!!!

    CJ xx

  3. Thanks everyone :). We got here safely and I'm starting to get sick of unpacking!!