Saturday, April 4, 2009

I finally did a little research about leaving our apartment, since we're way past the 60 day notice mark, and come to find out our lease is up April 20th! They told me April 30th like a couple of weeks ago, what the heck?!? Then, when the lady was looking further at our lease, we never officially signed it, I kinda wish I had just refused to sign it, that would have been interesting! On top of that, the lease said that we signed a 14 month lease... (we were never informed), but the official move out date on the paperwork was April 20th, 11 months after we move in. They really screwed it up! Now, the earliest we can get out is going to be May 20th, but that will probably work better. We'll have some overlap here and plenty of time to get out, and for Phil to finish up here.

Phil had yesterday off too. He went up there in the morning, and they canceled for the morning because it was too muddy, then canceled for the rest of the day, so Charlotte and I had him from 9:30 am on!! It was very much needed, I felt like I was about to go crazy! We had such a great day. We cleaned out some stuff, threw away 2 1/2 garbage bags of stuff!! And packed up most of our books and the stuff in the desk. We're going to sell my desk, so if anyone wants to buy it, let me know. But, there won't be room for it wherever we move. And if we need one, we'll need a little tiny laptop desk.

Today, I went out with a friend, and we got Charlotte and her son's feet measured, got some lunch out, walked around the mall and Target, it was great! It made it feel like a weekend. When Phil works on these weekends, it feels like its just another weekday.

Katie comes in like a week and a half too! I'm so excited to see her!!! Then Mom and Dad come for Natalie's recital, then we're off to Florida! I hope this goes quick!

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