Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I finally get to meet some people!

I finally changed my drivers license... now it says Anna Kauzlarich :) Yay! I actually did it last week. I went one day and forgot my birth certificate, so I had to go another day. Let me tell you, the DMV is the one thing that I miss about Rolla. You just walk right in and right up to the counter. Here, I had to wait in line, just to get a number... then I had to wait about an hour to get my drivers license. Thankfully Charlotte was a doll and wonderfully behaved. She had a lot of fun watching all the people. Now I'm slowly getting everything changed, its a lot of stuff! I think the bank/pay pal are on the top of the to do list now. Those are always fun!

I joined this site and its a social networking site with the idea that you actually meet in person. So, I'm in a new mom's group, a board game group, and a book club. I can't go to the next book club meeting because I don't want to buy the book and the library has a long wait on it, 15 people for 8 books, so I'm hoping I can do the next, and start from there (It was an Obama book). I'm also going to go to the mom's group for the first time, yay! They're meeting for a mom and baby brunch in a couple Saturday's at the Rainforest Cafe. I'm excited to finally meet some more people. And as far as the board game group.... we don't know Phil's schedule so once we figure that out, I can figure some more stuff out. I'm really excited to get to meet some people.

Oh and I signed up for a Baby & Me story time at the branch near us. Its something that you have to sign up for and there was a long waiting list, until the one that starts the beginning of March. Its a 6 week session and for 15 babies and their caregivers. They can be up to 24 months old. Hopefully I'll meet some people, if not Charlotte and I will have something fun to do Thursday mornings :).

I'm excited that I finally get to meet some people, hopefully like me! I'm thinking I'll probably give the MOPS people from around here a call and see how that goes. Then I think Charlotte and I will be super busy learning and playing, and I'll get some new friends. I have a few, but its hard to meet people with a new baby and no job! Plus its really starting to get to me. Its time to have a life again.

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