Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Little of This and a Little of That

So, Charlotte had her 6 month appointment today and she's 16 pounds and 26 inches long! She went up a few lines on the growth chart so that's really good. She's also in the 51st percentile for weight and 61st for length. She's got a big head though in the 85th percentile :) Guess she's going to be smart... haha!

Dad came down yesterday for a conference in Nashville on evangelism. He's staying here until Friday so its nice to see him. He got in late after the service last night so he didn't get to see Charlotte, but we're planning on going out to lunch today with him, and probably dinner tomorrow night. The conference is at the Opryland hotel here... which I've been told is huge! And by the looks of it, it is. Someday we'd like to go walk around it, its supposed to be just gorgeous and they have all kinds of things to do there.

Phil and I have been sick the past few days. Thankfully, Charlotte has been very healthy! I'm not looking forward to when she is really sick for the first time. A sick baby will be no fun. She got her flu shot today though, so I'm really hoping she doesn't get it this year.

Time Magazine (online) has recently put out an article about the Yellowstone caldera/super volcano and how there has been a large rise in earthquakes, which could (probably not) spawn an eruption of the super volcano... which would be 1,000 times more violent than Mount St. Helens. I've done two projects on this and think its really interesting, but also kinda freaky at the same time. Its overdue, and who knows if it will blow again, but the last time it did only about 10% of the world population survived... granted that was over 600,000 years ago, I still think we'd have a huge wipeout of the world population. On a positive note, it has gotten me back in touch with one of my friends from Rolla and we've since been exchanging emails :). Below is a link to the article I recently saw.,8599,1869313,00.html

Well, off to lunch with Dad. I hope I didn't bore you all too much!


  1. Geeze. Way to give me a new found fear of Volcanoes!

  2. Yes... every time I read something like this, it makes me want to move to Australia.