Monday, January 26, 2009

Nothing out of the ordinary :)

Well no new news about Phil going to Clarksville, I'll post as soon as we get some. He was out of the office all day today in Dickson, TN so he didn't have a chance to talk to anyone about it. He's has to go to Dickson again tomorrow, but hopefully he won't be there all day. We're thinking he'll be able to come home at night every night... someone to keep my feet warm at night :).

Charlotte is learning to move more and more. She is rolling and scootching everywhere. Not crawling yet but working on pushing herself up and she tries too! She's one determined little baby.

I got to go to lunch with a friend today. That was really nice. We went to the Savannah Tea House, it was yummmmy! It was nice to catch up too. Afterwards, I went to Target to get Charlotte a few more binkies (I hope she is off of those soon!) and it turns out they were having a huge sale! Yay clearance. So I got Charlotte some jeans for next winter and a couple shirts. Plus, a bunch of other random stuff. Some Boppy pillow covers (green) and some stuff for Charlotte now, pajamas, etc. All like 75% off!!! I also went to Kohls a few days ago and bought A LOT of clearance stuff. Mostly 80% off. I got a lot of great brands for super cheap. So, I think her fall/winter wardrobe is just about finished for next year, yay!

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