Friday, January 30, 2009

Good News!

Phil got a memo today from the new CEO of Qore, and it sounds like Nashville jobs are safe! They laid off about 30 people this week (per previous post) and they're restructuring some upper management. They're also conducting reductions in six other offices, but Nashville dodged the bullet! Plus, the company is no longer matching 401k's and sick days don't carry over... and they took away one a year from 6 to 5.

I bet it really helped that Nashville got that large job up in Clarksville that Phil is going to work at soon. Speaking of which, he was told he'd go late next week or early the following week to Clarksville. Yay job security for 8 weeks... I hope!

I feel so relieved. I hope this economy starts to pick up so that there are no more reductions... layoffs. Its rather stressful and I'm not a fan of it all. The economists are predicting it will pick up soon... but they've said that for a while. I don't think anyone really knows.

For reference to below:
Dave Ramsey's Baby steps

I'm thinking that we might need to put a little more into our emergency fund. I don't know. The plan is to have $1000 bucks in it and pay off all of our debt, and then fully fund it, but all the job cuts are really starting to worry me, but then if nothing happens, there's wasted money we could have used to pay off our debt, which would save us more money from interest etc. Its just hard to make the call. I think that we should probably stick to the plan and work on the debt. We have a long road ahead of us but it'll feel really good to pay it off. Each check we send for over the amount feels great! I hope that Phil gets some sort of per diem on this Clarksville job because he won't be getting mileage or anything and thats the money we use to go towards our debt! I can't wait until step 3b, saving for and buying a house!! Yay!

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  1. I'm so glad things are working out Anna! I say do the steps in order...if nothing else, e-mail your instructor from when you took the class and ask for advice! :) Good luck and keep on looking ahead! Love, Emily