Friday, January 9, 2009

New Slideshow!

I just added a new slide show to the blog. You have to click on it to make it big though (its too small just on the main page). From there, you can also click on "slide show" to view it as a slide show. Its on the top left of the page.

I decided to make it because 2008 has been a crazy, busy year for me. A lot of positive things have happened in my life and I wanted to make sure I remembered it. Plus, a year this crazy deserves something!

As always, I welcome any comments!


  1. I love your slide show! It's very creative... I love how you incorporated other photos to help tell the story:-)

  2. Anna, you are a talented writer. We really enjoy your blog. The pictures were fun also. Love, Grammy

  3. Someone needs to blog again. :) Great slideshow. I'm going to steal your idea, someday... if I ever stop being lazy.