Thursday, January 15, 2009

This Week

Its been a busy few days and weekend. I've had a mystery shops for four straight days... until yesterday and today. And a cranky baby who is not on a very good schedule (we're working on that though).

I spent Saturday night in the kitchen steaming everything we had in sight for baby food. I made Charlotte sweet potatoes, pears, broccoli, green beans, cauliflower, and peas. I tried to make potatoes, but those didn't turn out too well. If you blend them too long, they turn into wallpaper paste, it was really gross.

I'm finally not sick anymore! I have been fighting this cold thing for the past week, and I felt much better a couple days ago. At last, I can sleep on just one pillow now too instead of my mound of pillows which kept me from sleeping well. I think I've also dodged the dreaded rash I sometimes get. I got it really bad a few years ago, and figured it was because of the change of the seasons (I've only gotten it in March/October), but its always kind of coincided with a cold... this time, its not changing seasons and I kind of got it. Thanks to a night of Benadryl and plenty of rest, it didn't get horrible, yay!

Phil and I finished watching The Office: Season 2 last night. We've been having The Office marathons every night before bed. We plan on watching one, maybe two and end up with four or five. Its so addicting and funny. Last night we climbed in bed right after Charlotte went to bed and watched like 6 or 7. Finished the season and started on Season 3, yay! Here's to Pam and Jim!

Charlotte is learning and growing so much everyday. Sometimes when I show her something, she'll do the same. It is really fun to watch her learn. She's also eating more and more solids. She'll eat a piece of toast for breakfast or dinner, and she just loves graham crackers!

Its freezing cold here today! The low tonight is 5 degrees, I think and it just doesn't get into single digits here. It did in January 2004, then again December 2008 and now tonight... thats it! Brrrr! I think we need to move further south! Florida anyone?

So, since Phil and I got married, we can add the maternity coverage to my insurance plan. Its either now or never, so we have to, but its so expensive! I use Blue Cross Blue Shield because its still cheaper to use that than pay for it through Phil's work. Unfortunately, this insurance is another $130/month, when I only pay $212/month! I guess we better hurry up and have more babies so we don't have to pay it forever! I really wish we had a health care system like in Canada. I would much rather pay higher taxes and wait in line, than deal with insurance companies, copays, finding a doctor in my plan, etc. etc. etc.

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  1. I too wish we had something modeled after Canada as far as health care goes. I'm nearly un-insurable, because I had a malignant tumor on my knee when I was 14. I never got sick, found it early, got it removed, but it's been breaking the piggy bank ever since.