Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another update!

They changed our dates to visit Tampa, yay!! We're now going down April 21st to 23rd. I'm hoping all goes well, and he officially gets offered the job! They put the job back up on their website, dang! And took down another one.

I can't wait to get down there and look around! Neither of us have ever been to Tampa, though we've been to other places in Florida, and loved it. On top of just Florida, the job sounds great too :).

We've been discussing how to finagle (sp?) this moving thing. Since our lease is up April 30th, and Phil can't go down until the end of this job he's on (his boss told him to start thinking of when he's going to have everything wrapped up so he can tell Florida when he gets down there), we're thinking maybe I'll move down there and unpack and all, and he'll stay up here in a hotel for a week (maybe two) then come down. It would suck, but it might be the cheapest option. Hmmm.

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