Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Tampa's IKEA opened today, and people are going crazy, its all over the news. Would someone care to inform me on the importance of an IKEA? I looked at the website, but half of it didn't work. From what I gather, its cute, cheap stuff. Good quality?

Even though I don't know much about it... I think we'll be spending a bit of our wedding money there :). I can't wait to go explore it once the hype of the grand opening calms down!


  1. You could pick up some bargains in the opening weeks. We had IKEA over here too but I think it closed. I didn't like it myself but I know it was very popular if you like the more modern furniture.

    CJ xx

  2. Yeah, I spent entirely too much time last night looking through the catalog. I love the stuff, the only problem is now I feel like I need a few thousand dollars to redo the entire apartment ;).

  3. Ikea's great! really modern stuff for an affordable price, you'll kill hours of your day there! hehe! enjoy :)