Sunday, May 31, 2009

We have a bedroom :)

We bought it, well not exactly. Phil didn't like that the bed was so so low, so we ended up with a metal, silver looking bed, then we got the same furniture in black, but obviously, the second nightstand because the first would have nothing to hook onto. Though the bed frame with that nightstand looked really awesome :). The original bed would have been complicated with the box springs too, it was made for a slatted thing under the mattress, and we didn't want to spend an extra $120 or so on them.

So, here's the bed, but its a little darker than it looks in the picture. Our mattress is higher too because we have a box spring (instead of those slat things).

Phil is currently putting together one of the chests, him and Charlotte are hammering away (aka she's banging her hand on it to imitate daddy). We decided to get the glass to put on top of them and the nightstands!!

We even found a couch, but its not on their website (odd!) Super comfy and everything, for only $329. I'm just not so sure on the color. Its brown, and in some lights looks kinda plum-ish. But I bought some light blue pillows while we were there for it to brighten the room up. We just need a way to get it home!!

Here's the breakdown of what we got:

* One bedframe (above)
* 2 Chests of drawers, brown-black color
* 2 nightstands
* 2 pieces of glass for on top of the nightstands
* 2 pieces of glass for on top of the chests
* 2 dog beds (with new living room furniture they're going to need a new place to sleep!!)
* 4 blue pillows (small)
* A strainer (because I melted the last one to the stove a few weeks ago... Phil insisted we get a metal one this time, ha!)
* 2 plastic bibs for Charlotte
* 1 Oven mitt, we lost the one we had in the mail...
* I feel like I forgot something, oh well!

All for $750!! Go us!


  1. Thanks!! Thanks on the heads up on how low it was too!! I think it would have worked, but it def. would have taken some getting used to like you said!!

  2. What great finds! Don't you just LOVE Ikea? I know that i do.

    Did you see the metal bed with all the swirlies? That's the one I want to get.

  3. I liked that one too! But my hubby thought it was too girly, go figure!!

    Yeah, I love that place, ours is brand new too, it hasn't even been open a month :)

  4. What a great price and for so mucg stuff! I wish I had an Ikea store near us!!