Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm unpacking unpacking unpacking. Taking a break from the kitchen at the moment. I figured I better get that done so we can have some homemade food.

I'm starting to get sick of it all though. I got it all packed up in a week, got here, and unpacked for a while, and now I just want to take a weeklong vacation on a private caribbean island or something and start working on it again, or just come back and have it all perfect, and the way that I want it. I can dream, right?

Oh and its so hard to unpack with a baby! When she's napping, I have to be quiet (kinda hard to do while unpacking), but when she's awake, she wants my attention, or gets bored if I'm not watching her and giving her something to do. And she's not old enough to just sit in front of the TV, not that I want to do that, but if it means I can unpack... it'd be worth it for a week.

And I love love love the new apartment. Its so much more open, its a nice neighborhood, its got a huge kitchen, and I'm making everything just how I like it. Even the bathrooms are big, there's extra room. I can see more tile than bathmat, its been a while since that's been the case!!

Oh and tonight is smoothie night at the mailboxes, so once Phil gets home we're talking a walk to check our mail :). And Saturday is Mothers Day Brunch and tea at our apartment, except they want all the moms in dresses and tea hats. I'd much rather prefer sweat pants!! Why would moms want to get dressed up in dresses on a saturday morning? If its to honor us, shouldn't we be allowed to wear whatever we want? But if it comes down to it, I"ll put on a dress for a free brunch :). Anything for free food, right?

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  1. Your new place sounds fantastic! And I totally understand how it is to get anything done with a little one running around.
    Thank you for all your suggestions on activities for my kids. I really appreciate having another mom out here!