Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Furniture!!

Its been forever since I posted!! We've been super busy here, but we had a GREAT time at the reception, and a very safe trip!! Even though 3 out of 4 of our flights were delayed, it wasn't a good weekend for the airlines!!!

Phil and I *think* we have decided on what we're going to buy with some of our wedding money, bedroom furniture!! Here's what I found, we're hopefully going to look at it after Charlotte wakes up from her nap, and if we like it, buy it!!!

Let me know what you think!

Bed Frame:

Chests (we are buying two, one for each of us):Attached bedside table: (we are debating this or the next, we'll have to see it in the store). This one attaches to the bed frame and the top is for holding books, and the bottom is a drawer. I think it looks kinda funny, but we would have to see what it looks like in the store.
And here is the other nightstand option, more traditional, but we don't really need two drawers. Plus, its not as cool, it doesn't attach to the bed!!

Also, the set comes in white, birch, oak, medium brown (what is pictured), brown-black, and black. We like the medium brown, plus we thinks it will match our tv stand thing in the bedroom. However, the white and black furniture is cheaper.

The best part... our grand total: $596.98+tax!!!! Yay Ikea!! (the total is the same with either nightstand, and we would get 2 of each).


  1. Clean lines are always good. Go with clean lines.

  2. you're back!

    i actually have the same bedframe from ikea... except mine is white not wood.... i love it! you just have to get used to it at first because it's quite low.