Tuesday, June 2, 2009

20 Followers :) And a photo hunt!

Yay, I made 20, Thank you Jenna!!

I did my running tonight. I got there and the same two people were on the treadmill, but noone else. So I did one of those elliptical thingies, basically where you stand up and kind of run but in a circle? Ok I probably confused you guys even more, but I have no idea what they are called. So, I did that for a whole 10 minutes!! Then I did my running/walking. It was great, but tiring!!! Yay me. So tomorrow, I'm going to just work out somehow, but now running. Maybe lift some weights. Then thursday I run again!

So I'm joining my first ever photo hunt!! I love to take pictures, but I'm not professional or anything. This should be fun. I'll update some when I get them, for more information and to join go HERE! Now I'm off on a scavenger hunt for my camera battery, I hate moving.


  1. congrats on the 100 posts and the 20 followers! :) can't wait to see pictures from your hunt!

  2. Awww.. glad I could be the 20th for you!

    Those elliptical things kick butt! Literally.. LOL

    I just posted my first photos.. not my finest, but they'll do for now! =)

  3. Now you have 21 followers. :)

    And isn't the photo hunt such a fun idea? I can't wait to get started!