Friday, June 19, 2009

Funny :)

I don't know if I'm just behind times and am the last one to discover "Overheard in New York," but one of today's posts is as follows (and made me laugh so hard, Phil started looking at me weird... yes I'm easily entertained).

For more hilarity, visit the website at Overheard in New York.

You Are Welcome to Hit on Me

Thug: Hey! (gestures to Asian worker behind counter at convenience store) You look good, man.

Asian worker, in thick foreign accent: What? What you say to me?

Thug: I said, you look good.

Asian worker: What, what you saying to me?

Thug: Keep doing whatever you're doing, man. (leaves store)

Asian worker, dropping accent: Fuckin' crackahs. (sees white girl waiting at counter) Oh, shit, sorry, not you.

--Myrtle Ave & Classon Ave, Brooklyn

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