Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why oh Why Mr. Washing Machine?

Sorry for so many posts of me complaining, but this washing machine was just about my last straw.

I hate when nice, relaxing, laid back mornings turn into a disaster! I was looking at my weekly to do list (I've been trying to figure out if a daily one or weekly one works better, because if I don't do one at all nothing gets done, but the weekly isn't working so well), so I decided to run a couple of loads of laundry today, you know the hold-over for the weekend until its Laundry Mondays.

So long story short, about half an hour after I start the washer, I go to get Charlotte some food for lunch, and I see a little spot of wet carpet. Hoping the one of the dogs didn't pee and it was just a spill, I venture to find a rag. I then notice there is a big spot of water coming out of the laundry room and when I open the door, the laundry room is completely flooded with about an inch of water on the floor. Thankfully being in an apartment, all I have to do is call maintenance and someone comes to help clean it up.

I call, they say they will be here at some point today, kinda confused I say ok. An hour later, my hubby calls them back, and talks to someone else. This time she's like that sounds like an emergency, well duh... and they arrive at our door within a minute. The carpet cleaner guys came to suck up all the water and spray some anti-mold/fungal stuff too, so now at 1:30 our disaster is finally gone and the baby can finally take her nap.

Unfortunately, the maintenance guy thinks it is our washer that is leaking somewhere. Phil, being the engineer, disagreed, so of course he turned it on when they were gone, the verdict? no water leaking. I think that somehow the washer got confused, and kept putting water into it, even though it was full. Because after it had been running for half an hour it was still filling itself up with water. So in a couple of days were going to have to do some experimenting, but its looking like we're going to have to get a new washer, unless anyone knows of an easy fix. I just have the feeling that getting someone out to work on it would cost more than a new washer. Oh and of course, its just OVER a year old, so no more warranty, phooey. Shouldn't a GE washer last more than a year?


  1. hmmm yeah, a GE should definitely last more than a year...sorry to hear about your washer drama :( just make sure you double/triple check though before going out to buy a new one, i'd hate for you to spend lotsa money to find out you didn't need to! :S

  2. When my parents washer started to go weird, they looked into getting a new one vs buying an extended warranty. The warranty ended up being cheaper and so far so good with the washer.

    Theirs wasn't flooding, but it was really, really, really out of balance and starting to get a little scary when we ran a load.

    Good luck with it all!

  3. Oh Jenna, your scary washing machine, that made me laugh!!

    Kym-I've been told I can call GE, so we're going to do a test run, and watch it (can we say boring?) to see what the problem is, then hopefully they can help... my dad and grandma both said they can help even though there is no warranty.

    Wish us luck :)