Sunday, February 8, 2009

Clarksville finally begins!

Phil goes to Clarksville tomorrow! Yay the project is finally starting! He's the head person out there too, yay Phil!!! He gets to record the rain gauge, cancel when its raining, etc. And he even gets a Qore truck to take home (for at least this week anyways).

We were talking today, and thinking that maybe Charlotte and I will take a trip up and go camping on the weekend. So when he gets off work he goes to the campsite. Charlotte can sleep in her Pack N' Play, and we have an air mattress, well it works for a night (there's a small leak). Maybe even Dragon, Laura, and Alex could come too. Then Laura and I could hang out during the day, cook meals, play on the playgrounds, go hiking and enjoy each others company. We could even bring the dogs, hook them around a couple trees and just chill and enjoy life. I think I'll have to ask her!

Phil just found a flat tire, but it was only because of the valve that you use to put air in the tire. it cost $3 to fix it, yay!!! We finally got to meet our upstairs neighbors too. We've said hi here and there, but never been brave enough to knock on their door and introduce ourselves. So, he helped Phil figure it out and drove him down to the gas station and the auto parts store, etc. I don't think we would have known if it wasn't for him! So we found out they have a 2 year old boy and that he is a stay at home dad, for the time. They're originally from Nashville and have lived in Texas and moved from Indiana. They're here to take care of their parents so that they don't have to go into assisted living. Yay people!!!! I like meeting people.

We also finished registering today. We have a few more things to put on the list, but not a lot. It was pretty hard figuring it all out, since we have a lot of stuff... but not too hard :). I am trying to go a lot more green, so we registered for compact florissants, cloth napkins, and the like. Then of course there's some stuff we need replaced, and I got rid of a lot of stuff from the first wedding, didn't really want it around. It feels great to finally get that done!

Charlotte is crawling more and more. She's using it as her preferred method to get around. She used to roll everywhere, and now its crawling/scooching. She's getting much better at it, oh and of course she gets into everything! no more baby just laying there...

Its such a nice day out, I think we're going to go for a walk soon. Its in the 70's and sunny!!! I love this weather, the winter, cloudy, cold weather gets me all depressed, yet another reason to keep on goin south!

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