Monday, February 9, 2009


Every once in a while, I have nights filled with crazy dreams, sometimes to the point that I'm afraid to go to sleep the next night. Last night was one of those nights.

Actually, the majority of the dreams were in the morning. Phil woke up at 5ish and left shortly thereafter. The rest of the morning, I had these crazy dreams, and I know I can't remember them all.

How crazy? Well, the first was that Phil came home and crawled back in bed with me at 7 this morning. This one felt real. I was like whats going on? And he said he wasn't going to clarksville today because he got there too late. He then got chewed out by his bosses... turns out, he got in the bus they were using to commute (not true in real life) and the busdriver kept falling asleep and driving erratically, so he climbed out of the window when it was going slow and went back to work. Later he found out that everyone died in route in an accident.

Second, Charlotte was trying to feed herself, as she always does, but actually doing a good job. I look at her, and she's happy as can be, but she has 1/2 the spoon down her throat. I freak out and pull it out, and she continues feeding herself normally.

Third, I decided to go to the mall. The drive there was really quiet (that never happens, Char is always screaming her head off). So I get out, and go to the mall. After roaming around for about 45 minutes, I realize I don't have Charlotte. I get to thinking, and realize I didn't even bring her in! I go rushing out and see that I have a $75 and the baby is gone. I have to go to counseling to get her back, in the meantime she's in a foster home.

I know that there were more, but they're not coming to my mind right now. If I do remember them, I'll be sure to add them.

I always wonder where the crazy dreams come from, not the ones about "The Office" when I watch 5 episodes before bed, or trying to spell words after playing Word Whomp for half an hour, but the crazy ones. Like the one I had a few days ago about Batman dying, because he was walking on a powerline and slipped on a shoelace.

And then there's the dreams that I can control (the majority of my dreams). I even know they're fake but I can make some pretty awesome things happen during them, and then I only wish they were true. And those recurring ones, like the recent one about me taking online classes to graduate and I always forget about them... even though I have my degree and I'm not in school.

I really think some of these crazy ones come from the full moon today. Not that I'm supersticious (wow I spelled that right on the first attempt!), but I do believe the moon affects us. It affects the tide, and we're mostly water. I guess I better wait to go to sleep tonight, until the full moon has passed.

I think I'm finally going to start keeping a dream journal. I've been meaning to for a long time, but now I might actually do it, and it looks like I've just started.

Does anyone else have crazy dreams that correlate to the moon cycles?

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