Saturday, February 28, 2009

Its the Weekend!

We got our free Quizno's last night, and it was tasty!! We didn't buy chips and a drink either, making the meal completely free!! It can't get much better than that. Brandyn and I also went to Smoothie King and we used my buy one get one coupon. I love that place!

Phil and I went on our first date night since Charlotte was about a week old last Saturday. It was a lot of fun to be able to go out as a couple, not as parents. Charlotte stayed with Aunt Natalie and had a fun time playing with her. Phil and I bowled a couple games and went out for dinner. It was nice to finally use my bowling ball again, it has been a long time. Now all I need are some shoes, and bowling will be even cheaper!!

Phil is at work again this weekend. Unfortunately, its in the 30's and raining, so he's cold and uncomfortable. They were thinking about quitting early, but now he's not sure they will. I hope for his sake that they do. He could use a relaxing afternoon. Its also supposed to snow tonight, 1-2 inches, 3+ in some areas... and STICKS! I haven't seen the snow stick here, ever... but I haven't been here for a year yet. I hope that they can get the roads cleared off early enough, otherwise it will be a LONG drive for them in the morning. This is the end of Week 3, only 9 more to go (I hope)!! We're 25% done!

I went to MOPS on Friday and that was nice. They had waffles for breakfast, ymmm, and the speaker spoke about postpartum stuff. Kinda a heavy topic, but still good to talk about. We got a bunch of brochures and such. We also had our small group meeting and next week we're in charge of the food. Its supposed to be a game day so that will be so much fun! I love games!!!

I really feel like we haven't been doing a lot here. I try to make an outing most days, even if its just to the grocery store. Today we went to the bank and picked up a package in the front office. I need to run to Kroger for a few things at some point as well. But for now, the baby is asleep, I'll probably go once she wakes up and gets some food in her. Its such a crummy day though, full of rain, wind and cold weather, a part of me wants to just stay here.

Oh and I finally got a new-er phone. Its a Katana, so not really the newest one out there, but much better than what I had. It'll last long enough, then we'll reevaluate the cell phone situation. And its pink too (of course!). Now we just need to find a cheap... non-pink one for Phil so that he and I can be on the same service and we don't have to worry about all of our minutes. It wouldn't be bad, except that we like to talk on his lunch and at other breaks during the day while he's in Clarksville. If anyone has one they wanna sell, let me know.

An the last exciting bit of information is that we got our electric bill and its only $130!!!! The past few months its been right around $200... YOUCH! I've been working really hard at turning everything off and we've had some nice days that we haven't needed heat. I think we went about 2 weeks without heat this past month... and apparantly thats like $70!! Boy electric heat is expensive. I can't wait until we get a house... someday!

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