Friday, February 6, 2009

For some reason there's always bad news with good news.

Phil got into work today and was told that they aren't going to Clarksville until Monday. He was supposed to go partway through the day and work all weekend. So, we get him for another weekend. He will be working long days. He is supposed to get to Clarksville at about 7 and will be done at 5ish. Its an hour commute and either in the morning or evening they have to stop by the office and "sync" their PDA's with all the data they collected during the day. So, at least he gets to come home and sleep at night. I think I might attempt to change Charlotte's schedule, so he will get more time with her in the evening. I don't know how well that will work though.

The bad news? They laid off two engineers today at Phil's work. One was a senior and the other was one of Phil's good friends at work. His wife actually did our wedding cake for us, and they're expecting a baby in March. I can't even imagine having to deal with that right now. The office manager said that the office has broken even with those layoffs. I'm just wondering for how long they have broken even? What happens when they loose money next month? Phil is probably the lowest paid at the office as he is the newest one there, so that is always good, they seem to be worrying about money, not seniority right now.

Of course with this news, I'm thinking more and more about trying to save as much money as possible and not working on our debt snowball, just paying the minimums. I think I need to turn on Dave's radio show today. Maybe he'll have some good advice.

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