Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A night of good deals, and then some.

I went to a consignment shop tonight, it was fun. It was part of a meetup group from my stay at home mommies group. Five of us went. We got to go before the public because we're new moms. They have a deal where new moms (with kids under 1) and expecting moms can shop for an hour or so the night before it opens to the public.

I found Charlotte a couple toys, one with the alphabet and the other that you pull and it has some balls. I also got her some summer clothes and a rain coat (it was very cute!). However, I got dissapointed because there was this one toy I went looking for, and someone had already claimed it. Maybe there will be one at the next shop I go to (in March). I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Charlotte is learning how to clap and it is so cute! She has been watching us do it for a couple weeks now, and just loves it. A couple days ago she would start to while we were, and its been progressing since. Its fun to see the 'lightbulb' go off in her head whenever she figures part of it out. She did discover that if she just hits the table or a toy or her highchair with one hand, it makes the same noise.

Poor Phil is back at this Clarksville job. Its such long hours, and when his coworker asked about a bonus, they said they still weren't sure and were figuring things out. Frustrating! I calculated 12 weeks from the week he started and it looks like he'll be done the end of April. Oh boy do I hope so!! Maybe even sooner, that would be nice.

My friend Katie is probably coming to visit in April and I am SUPER excited!!! I can't wait!! I haven't seen her since graduation, crazy! I know that we'll have a great time and that she'll get to meet Charlotte and that will be awesome. Plus, some grown-up interaction during the day will be very much appreciated!! Now I have to come up with a few fun things to do in Nashville... that are free, or cheap. We don't really have a lot, but it will be nice out. I think a visit to The Parthenon will be in order, and I'm not sure what else. We could probably take a few walks on the trail by our house. Maybe we'll explore around the lake too.

I need to get some sleep! Its almost 1 am here and I'm still on this computer. I have to wake up early tomorrow too for a mystery shop. I think I'll be taking a nap with Charlotte.


  1. I booked my flight!!! Yay! I'll email you details soon, when I'm off the phone.

  2. That consignment shop sounds like such a great deal! How neat is it that you can go before the general public. I wish there was a meetup group for stay at home wives, lol! It's nice too that you can depend on going every month. Hopefully that toy will be there next time!

    I hope you don't get sick of hearing banging on the table anytime soon, lol! You describe her and her actions so well, I can't help but smile when I read about Charlotte! My goddaughter is the same way and her grandma (my aunt) was talking about the same light bulb today when I talked to her. So cute! You are doing a great job taking care of Charlotte by yourself! Definitely a much better job than that 'stay at home dad' upstairs if he's leaving his kid by himself to go drink beer! I hope that you're not right for the kids sake, and that you don't have to call child protective services anytime soon!

    Oh man, I would be so so pissed if I were you and Phil doesn't get a bonus. He sounds like he's been working so much and you get to see him so little. It's awesome that you got to go on your date though, that sounds like so much fun!

    I was surprised that I heard back from you that late last night. I even told M that it would probably be the next day before I got an email back from you. I read it last night too, because my phone made a ding that I had an email and I wasn't sleeping anyways b/c I was too excited! I am super excited that I have the itinerary now and it's not just a hope or a want but a real thing! Wow, graduation, that is so crazy, you still had a baby in your belly, lol! I really should be taking more time to look into mystery shopping too, but it's hard to find the patience to learn...I just want to get out and make some money!!