Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bachelor

I have to admit, but I've stooped to the level of watching The Bachelor. Not that its a horrible program or anything, but I never used to get into those things. But this season, I haven't missed an episode.


So, tonight was the final episode, which went on for 3 hours... and there's a second tomorrow (which I'll be sure to watch)... but anyhow. He decided to propose to Melissa, my favorite from day one. Then of course after the whole proposal, they have an "After the Final Rose" or something like that, where they get on with the happy couple, 6 weeks later, and talk to them about their relationship, plan for marriage, and such. Well tonight he DUMPED Melissa and asked Molly for a second chance. I mean, WHO does that? I just was so mad at him. And poor Melissa, if anyone saw how she reacted, that is EXACTLY how I would have reacted. It was like I was looking at myself, after a breakup etc. That brought back some memories!! Of course some people are saying that ABC fixed it way back, but I'm not so sure. I just want to SMACK him and tell him that relationships take WORK. They're not all honky-dorry and even during an engagement, or three months after beginning to date do they work out perfectly.

Then I got to thinking, who would sign up for such a show. I always thought that if I was single and pretty enough, why not give it a try? But why? You're end goal is to be proposed to, but would I really want the stress of being one of the last two? And then you're stuck with a guy who was in love with you AND another woman, so he's not just happy to have you, but sad to have lost the other girl, and is going through a pretty big break-up at the same time you are trying to celebrate an engagement. I don't think that is how its supposed to work. I understand the premise of the show, and I think its great, but they need to change it somehow. I'm just not sure how yet.

Ahh, why do I torture myself so?

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