Thursday, March 5, 2009

Its almost the weekend!!

We get the whole weekend with Phil! I am so happy :). He's thinking they'll quit around two, then he has to finish up on the site for a few minutes, go back to the office, have his review, then he's home for the weekend, yay! So, I probably won't be posting for a while. Please pray that his review goes well!

Charlotte and I had "Baby and Me" at the library this morning. I signed up for the next session too. Its 6 weeks on and 2 weeks off with up to 10 babies. There's often a wait list, so I'm lucky I got into this next one :). I don't think that Charlotte was old enough to appreciate all of it, but that's ok. She will, and I think its really important to have her at the library this young. Plus, I get to meet other mommies!

Tomorrow night we have our alumni meeting thing at a local brewery! I'm super excited about it!! I know I've talked about it before, but its so weird being an alumnus, and they're finally doing something! I hope that lots of people show up :)

Here's a picture of Charlotte from a few days ago, amidst all her toys. She's crawling more and more now. I think it helps her to see other babies doing it.


  1. Look at those teeth in that big smile! So cute!

    I hope the review goes well! I'm so happy that you get the whole weekend as a family! What are you planning on doing?

    I think M has to work tomorrow, too. :( Oh well, it will be 40 hours for once, and tomorrow's payday, too!