Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Whole Foods/Going Organic

The last grocery trip I made, I bought about 75% of our food organic (a few things all natural). I was so proud of myself!! It did cost a little more, but its well worth it. This month I added another $100 to our grocery budget. So we're going from $300 to $400/month. I'm slowly working on replacing all of our "staples" with organic ones. So far, I've got the ketchup, soy sauce, and cooking spray replaced. I'm waiting for our oils to run out before I splurge on some more. I also bought some organic flour and brown sugar for our bread. We're even switching Charlotte's cereal (and formula... to mix cereal) over and its not that much more!! And since Char loves finger foods and I make whatever other "baby food" she eats, that doesn't cost us a lot either!

Unfortunately we don't have a Whole Foods store nearby (closest one is like 1/2 hour + away), but Kroger does pretty good. Their brand Private Selection is mostly organic, and they have a decent produce selection, considering. I also know that Publix has organic chicken, so I need to catch that on a sale and stock up. Plus, a lot of their store brand is organic, but they're a little more expensive.

It looks like the closest Whole Foods is 25 minutes from where we'd be if we moved to Tampa, and no Trader Joe's even in Florida!! But there is Publix and even a Publix GreenWise store :)

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