Friday, March 27, 2009

Life's been crazy!

Ok, so I know its been a long time, but I've been busy, really I have!!!

Oh and there's so much to say. I went to visit the in-laws from Thursday to Tuesday, it was good, but I didn't realize how much I missed Phil even though I don't get to see him. So, I was glad to be back home, and of course that helped Charlotte sleep better too. She doesn't sleep well other places. We did some work on the reception and just hung out. It was nice to have other people to watch Charlotte too, but I never felt like I could let go... like when Phil gets home, I know I can go do something and not have to worry about her.

Charlotte learned how to get from laying to sitting!! I knew she had done it before, but she didn't want us to know that she could or something. Because, if she knew I was there, she wouldn't do it, but if she didn't know I could see her (like I was in the kitchen), she had no problems. Go figure. But, now she does it all the time, so yay! One more thing that she can do and now won't be so frustrated. She's also spending a lot of time in the real crawling position, but not going anywhere, though she's getting much faster at the army crawl thing.

Phil got off work Wed afternoon and has off until Monday morning, yay!! I'm so ready for him to finish this job!! Its getting crappier and crappier, he worked 94 hours last week!!! But, only about 45-50 this week, so at least that's good!!

So, we've been busy. Storytime was Thursday morning at the library and Phil came to that. Then, I went to the zoo with a mom's group and Phil went by work for a couple hours. And we went grocery shopping together that day. Oh and MIZZOU played, GO TIGERS!!! They won, it was a fun game to watch :). Can't wait to watch the next one. I think its tomorrow??? Oh and we made some yummy dessert! And today we cleaned up the apartment some and then had a friend over for dinner. I made homemade pizza and a salad! Unfortunately, the past few days I've been sick. I took some Nyquil last night, after not being able to sleep the night before that, and I'm planning on taking some again tonight. I've also been on dayquil on and off. I hate colds!

Oh and some more exciting news, but I'll write a different post it here.

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