Friday, March 27, 2009

We're probably moving!!

Last Friday (a week ago from today), Phil received an email saying that they were looking for a geotechnical staff professional in the Tampa office (for his company). So, he jumped on the opportunity and put his resume in. Turns out, he was the only one too, and they want him down there, asap!

Since neither of us has ever been down there, they're going to fly us (and Charlotte) down there so he can meet everyone (make sure they all get along, because there was no interview etc.), and so that we can look around and make sure that we like it, before we move there. I'm not too concerned, I know we'll like it, we have each liked all the places in Florida we have been. Today they were thinking next Monday (6th) till Wednesday we would go down there.

So, we don't know exactly when we'll move because Phil is on this crazy job, but when he first spoke to them, they were hoping he could be there by April 1!! So, it won't be that soon, as Phil's office wants him up here to finish this project, but we're hoping it will be sooner rather than later. Plus, our lease is up April 30, and we COULD probably extend it (and pay more), but we'd rather just leave!!

I'm super excited (and so is Phil). Our goal has always been to live on the coast in Florida, and well, we won't have a place on the coast, but we'll be in Florida, and be a quick drive away from the beach, yay!!


  1. How exciting! Good luck! I hope everything goes well :-)

  2. Ooooh la la! This sounds really exciting and wonderful. I hope everything works out.

  3. Tampa...!? As in Florida...!?

    Will you have a guest room? *heh*

    It sounds wonderful. Congratulations to you and Phil...!