Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Library annoyances

I don't think the Nashville Public Library has enough books. Sure, I walk in and there are tons of books on the shelves, but apparently not the ones people want to read. So far, I have only checked out two books, that I haven't had to request... and they were COOKBOOKS. I have had to request or place a hold on every novel I want to take out, books on babies, etc. Maybe part of it is that our branch doesn't have a lot, or maybe I'm just reading popular books? I just thought you were supposed to be able to go to the library and find a book, and check it out then... not have to plan ahead and "request" it so that it will arrive in a week.

So, now I'm sitting at home, searching for books I want to read and am placing holds on them, so I can get an email and go to the library and pick it up off the hold shelf. It seems to take away from the fun of wandering around a library. I go, head straight to the hold shelf, check out and leave. Hmmm....

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