Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We had a busy weekend!

Phil didn't get his review on Thursday, because his boss had an emergency parent-teacher conference. So, it was this Monday instead. And it went great, but they're still not giving any raises! Oh and they're cutting salaries of anyone making over 60k... and giving them stocks instead. I have a feeling the company isn't doing great.

Friday, we spent most of the day relaxing, and Charlotte had a lot of time playing. She got better at crawling. She will now lift her tummy off the ground with just about every stride, she looks like she's doing the worm across the floor, its pretty funny!

Friday night was the much anticipated alumni event at Blackstone Brewery. We had a lot of fun!! We were the youngest people there by about 5 years, but it was still a good time. A lot of people didn't think that I had gone to school there too, which was kind of disappointing. In all, there were about 30 people there. They said the last alumni get-together, which was a St. Pats party, there were 6 people and it was in 2001. We got home about 10 and passed out, we were tired!

Saturday was a busy day! We all slept in and then went to Cracker Barrel at 11! It turned out to only be us and one other family, but it turned out pretty well. We met M and her husband, and their son who is 11 months old. The babies had a lot of fun sitting across from each other at the table. M's husband is also a Nashville police officer, so it was fun to talk to him. He patrols downtown on a bike (car in the winter). I need to get in contact with them so that I can set up a ride-along. M said that he would be able to tell me about some fun people to ride along with.

Following lunch, we returned home so that Charlotte could take a nap. Then we went bowling (for a mystery shop)!! It was a lot of fun. We bowled a couple of games and got some food (we had to), then it was time for a CiCi's mystery shop... we were stuffed by the end of the night!

Sunday, we were going to visit a church, then ran into Phil's coworkers and their son at the gas station. They invited us to go to the Zoo with them, so we did that instead. The guy we went with is the other engineer that is out on the job with Phil in Clarksville. Instead of paying for us to join, we decided on a membership, which gives us coupons, and entrance for a year. It was only $55 and would have cost us $28 to go just today. Now, I can go to the two meetups that will be at the zoo! And we can go for a year! It will definitely pay for itself very quickly. It was so cheap because Charlotte is free until she is 2!!

Then we met them for dinner at Famous Dave's and it was so so so good! Charlotte loves the smoked meat there too, so she was having a grand time. Unfortunately, after we were stuffed, I had to do a Sonic MS, and we did not want to see the food. Oh and while there, a creepy homeless guy started to approach our car (it was freaky), but an employee yelled at him and asked him if he was planning on eating and to leave, phew!

Charlotte wouldn't sleep Sunday night very well either. Once she finally got to bed around 11:30pm-ish we passed out too. She ended up half fussing herself to sleep. But, she woke up this morning on her own, so that was ok. Now she's down for a late, and hopefully long nap.

Phil's back on the job Monday, as expected. Another 8 weeks, they're 1/3 done... if they had kept it at the original 8 weeks, he would have been 1/2 way there!! Oh well, a job is a job right now, right? Only 10 more days and I get a long weekend with him. Next weekend Laura (her hubby is the other engineer doing the Clarksville job) and I are going to get together while they're stuck working up there. Then, my parents come and then I get Phil, and then I'm going to St. Louis, and I then Phil again, and I haven't looked any further. I think it will be close to when Katie comes!!! I really hope these next 8 weeks fly by!

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  1. Your daughter is beautiful! And what a great deal on the zoo. Definitely worth the money. I am curious about the mystery shopping...is that your job? How did you ever get into that? Sounds interesting!