Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I finished the Recycling Center!!

Yesterday, Charlotte and I had a play date at a friends house. Charlotte swung for the first time and absolutely loved it! I wish I had taken a video or picture. At the beginning, every time she would swing towards me, she would laugh!

I got our recycling center up and running this past weekend! Its unfortunate that we don't have a lot of space, I think I'll have to run to the recycling center once a week or something. As you can see in the picture, the cardboard section is already overflowing! Now I just have to train myself to put everything in the recycling. The hardest part is the paper... since we can recycle all kinds of paper (not just newspaper and cardboard). I'm so used to cleaning up and putting it in the trashcan! I caught myself doing it multiple times yesterday :(.

I'm starting to have reservations about moving. I'm just now feeling at home in this apartment, after being here for almost a year, and to move everything again, it seems crazy! I still feel that we'd be happier in the other place, but its going to be a lot of work. Once I sat down to think about it, we have A LOT of stuff! And that's A LOT of trips next door and up the stairs. I'm thinking maybe we could get a few days to move our stuff in there, and then we wouldn't have to do it in one day. Because right now, that seems like it'd be impossible!

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