Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bread Machine!

I forgot one of the most important of all, I got a breadmaker!! My hubby's mom had one that she had never used and wasn't going to and just gave it to me :) :) :). So far, I made one white loaf, and it came out perfectly. I'm trying my first whole wheat loaf, I hope it turns out well! It is going to take like 4 hours to cook!! My friend Katie tried one and it didn't work, but I'm hoping this will because it was in the recipe book that came with the breadmaker!!

If anyone has any recipes, pass them my way! I can't wait to get going and try out all kinds of things.

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  1. Yaaaay! I'm so glad you've had a positive first experience! I hope the whole wheat one comes out for you, if it works you'll have to share the recipe. Everything is funky at high altitude, lol...you have to change everything! I'll send you that recipe when I think about it, I use it so much I have it memorized!