Monday, March 2, 2009

Its going to be a busy week!

This week is going to be busy, but good!!!

Today: MS (mystery shop)
Tuesday: Nothing :(
Wed: 2 MS's, Story time at the library
Thurs: Baby and Me at the library
Fri: Alumni St. Pats party at a brewery
Sat: Cracker Barrel with group and MS
Sun: MS

Of course that doesn't include the bank run, grocery store (x2), and whatever else we normally do in the day.

I'm also *hoping* to get a new lease signed for the apartment. We're going to move into a 2 bed 1 bath (instead of 3 bed 2 bath) with only 100 less sq. feet. It'll save us a few bucks too, oh and the rooms are a lot larger. But, if they can't get us the one we want, I'm going to put in our 60 days and we'll be feverishly apartment hunting the next 60 days. There are others that we've seen. Unfortunately, we'll have to *waste* money with more deposits and such, but we're planning on sticking there for 3-4 more years. (Fingers crossed the job situation doesn't stink).

I am super excited about this alumni get-together. Phil talked to the guy in charge of it and they hadn't done anything for about 10 years. I'm glad that they finally are. Maybe it'll become somewhat regular... every few months or so. I can't wait to meet some fellow alumni! Its so weird, I'm an alumni, you would think I'm 70 or something... I guess that's how I always looked at it as a kid. Some old man, long beard, grey, and wrinkly, about 70... thats someone who is an alumnus of a University. I'll let you know how it goes!

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