Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The foodstamp experiment.

I know that a lot of you have already been reading this guys blog, but I bookmarked it a month ago, and never checked it again until tonight. Long story short, a reporter was going an experiment and living off of what one person would get in food stamps for a month. After talking to the authorities, the most someone could get was $176. He blogged about his experience, which is great, but I think that $176/person for a month is A LOT of food. Oh and Obama is attempting to, or has, upped the amount that people are expected to receive.

I went to a website that he provided, which said that the most someone could get is $323 for a family of two or $463 for a family of 3. Wow, I wish I had $463 to spend on food each month. We budget $300 and often have about $25 or so left over each month. Granted I'm trying really hard and preparing before going to the store and such, I wouldn't say that we're eating badly. In fact, I think that we eat pretty well. No, we don't treat ourselves to steak, or a lot of seafood, or even go out to eat, but I'm ok with it. We do go out, which is from money in our budget, but I know that we let some food to go waste too and we could easily still make it with the $300/month. Oh and on top of food for us, I also buy about a can of formula a month, and baby food (well not the jars, becuase I make it), but rice cereal, toddler puffs, fruit and veggies to make into baby food, etc.

I guess all I'm trying to say is that I WISH that we were fortunate enough to spend $463/month on food and not think twice about it. I wouldn't make so much baby food, we'd eat a real steak every now and then and definitly buy a lot more natural and organic foods.

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